This week’s one hour radio broadcast includes host Jim Fausone and his guests:

  • Captain Paul Ryan (ret) US Naval Reserves, Vice Chair of MI Military and Veterans Hall of Honor
  • Major Tom Schueman, Marine Corps, author of “Always Faithful”

"Always Faithful" and MI Military and Veterans Hall of Honor - Sept 11, 2022

Hosted by Jim Fausone

MICHIGAN Military and Veteran Hall of Honor

A Hall of Honor

US Navy Capt Paul J Ryan (ret) is vice chair of the Michigan Military and Veterans Hall of Honor. He discusses the 2022 class of inductees with host Jim Fausone. The inductees include a “Hello Girl” from WWI; an Army vet with 600 days of continuous combat and a Nisei in the most decorated unit in US military history.

Honor and Educate

The Michigan Military and Veterans Hall of Honor seeks to not only honor Michigan military veterans, but to also educate our citizens about military service as a basic and honorable duty of citizenship–to stir patriotic spirit, a sense of civic duty, and a sense of honor that calls people to arms.

Why a Hall of Honor?

Honor is a core military virtue that, unlike fame, implies true worth, genuine virtue, and real achievement – valorous and meritorious. As a Hall of Honor, we seek to recognize and honor military veterans, with due attention to their true military and civic virtue and achievement.

Always Faithful Schueman Zaki Afghan Withdrawal


In August of 2021, just days shy of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, America ended its longest war. The speed of the Afghanistan’s fall was so stunning that thousands of Afghan citizens who had helped American forces over the course of two decades—and had been promised visas in return—were suddenly stranded, in extreme, imminent danger. As the world watched the shocking scenes of desperation at the Kabul airport in the final two weeks of August, Maj. Tom Schueman fought—both behind the scenes and through a social media campaign—to get his friend and former Afghan interpreter, Zak, out of Afghanistan before he and his family were discovered by the Taliban. When Zak and his family finally took off from the airport mere days before the US left the country, the years-long effort to get Zak to America culminated in two simple words on Instagram: “Wheels up.”

The end result is an intensely personal and uniquely ground-level account of Tom and Zak’s experience, Always Faithful gives readers a 360-degree view of the war. At once provocative and heart pounding, their stories together form a microcosm of the complicated and lasting effects of America’s longest war. Through their eyes and their experiences, they challenge readers to explore the legacy of the war for American and Afghan citizens alike, as we all collectively seek to understand whether twenty years of war was worth the price. 

This book is available on Amazon.  

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