Salute & Honor and VRA Mission

Sponsor a Salute & Honor

segment during a broadcast!

Salute & Honor segments include a Medal of Honor reading, remembering those service members who have been honored with our nation’s highest military award for valor. Your donation helps produce one of these segments. 

Veterans Radio America is a 501(c)3 non profit. 

Salute & Honor FAQs

Do you have examples of previous Medal of Honor Readings?

Can I name my unit or a specific person?

You can name a military unit and provide the details of a location or event that brought your unit closer together. You can also name a VSO or VA Healthcare worker who has provided excellent care. 

Can I name an active duty service person?

You can name an active duty service person. Celebrate completing bootcamp, graduation from an academy, advancement in rank, etc.

How much does it cost?

Your $100 contribution will go toward our monthly broadcasting and podcasting budget and assist with production of the Salute & Honor segment.

Is this archived?

Yes, your Salute & Honor segment will be archived on our website and available podcast channels. You will be able to share a link to the archive with others.

How is the Salute & Honor segment announced?

The program host will read the information you provide (see the form below) and immediately follow that with the Medal of Honor reading. The segment will take approximately 2 minutes and often occurs in the middle of the program hour.

How Do I Participate?

There are 2 ways to participate.

1. Submit the form below and Dale will contact you.

2. Call Dale Throneberry, Producer and Host of Veterans Radio, to Sponsor a Medal of Honor reading. 734-646-8673

Payment Processing: Your payment can be made through our Donations Portal or via check, payable to Veterans Radio America, with a memo of “Salute & Honor – Medal of Honor Reading”

Our mailing address is:

Veterans Radio America
P.O. Box 3085
Ann Arbor, MI 48106


Medal of Honor Reading