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Gravity is the story of a small group of Army National Guardsmen from the Volunteer State of Tennessee – otherwise simple men, who spent a year of their lives in the “Triangle of Death”, one of Iraq’s most hostile areas of operation. But their daily patrols and combat missions weren’t featured on the nightly news. Instead, they operated as silent professionals – ordinary men facing extraordinary circumstances, who carried out their jobs to the best of their abilities and prayed they’d stay alive. Continuing the legacy of citizen-soldiers throughout the ages, they stepped forward to protect their families, their neighbors, their countrymen – and their fellow warriors, even in the face of death. Theirs is a story that will live for generations to come.

Join us this week on Veterans Radio with our guests, author Beth Underwood, and some members of  K Troop, 3/278th ACR, Tennessee Army National Guard.

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All Gave Some. Some Gave All.
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