November 14, 2021

Join Dale Throneberry, Bob Gould, Kate Melcher and Jim Fausone as they look back over the 18 years of Veterans Radio broadcasting!


Celebrating 18 Years of Broadcasting

Veterans Day 2021 & Celebrating 18 Years of Radio

Hosted by Dale Throneberry, Bob Gould, and Jim Fausone

Our Mission

We serve the American Veteran and Patriot audience in the United States and abroad, featuring veterans’ stories of struggle, sacrifice and success in and out of military service. 

In addition to our radio broadcast, our archives offer on-demand listening through our website and podcast channel.

We are streaming live on WAAM 1600 and WDTK 1400 on Sunday at 5pm ET. (4pm CT – 3pm MT – 2pm PT)

Our program is recorded and re-broadcast on Monday mornings at 9am PT on KMET 1490. Then again re-broadcast on Saturday morning at 6am CT on KFOW 1170.

The links to their broadcast channel are available below and on our LISTEN LIVE page. You will find this and past programs on our PODCAST channel as well. That information is on our LISTEN LIVE page also.

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