Dr. Jeffrey Copeland Reviews Pandemic Events of the 20th Century

Jeffrey Copeland is a professor at University of Northern Iowa and a prolific author.  He and host Jim Fausone talk about lessons the military and society should learn from COVID19, the Spanish Flu of 1918 and its incredible death toll in WWI and the Black Plague in 1924 in LA.

Dr. Copeland has written “Plague in Paradise:The Black Death in Los Angeles 1924” and “Lt Elsie Ott’s Top Secret Mission :”The Pioneer WWII Flight Nurse Behind Medevac”

For more information: jeffreyscopeland.blogspot.com or 



Anti-malaria Drugs in the Quine Class

Dr Remington Nevin , a form US Army Major, talks about anti-malaria drugs that the military uses and the side effects. This is the same class of quine drugs that the Trump administration is testing to fight COVID19. The military’s long history fighting malaria is discussed with host Jim Fausone.

Dr Nevin is board certified in public health and an expert on the effects of antimalarial drugs.  He is the executive director of The Quinism Foundation.

For more information: www.quinism.org

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