VCAT9 , Pancakes and Certification

Our radio broadcast with host Dale Throneberry has 3 guests:

  • Dr. Eric Fretz, VCAT9 in Michigan
  • Susan Combs, Pancakes for Roger
  • Linda Davis, Resume Builder (rescheduled)
  • Bill Nelson, Vietnam Veteran and Advisory Board Member of National Veterans Business Development Council (NVBDC)

R9 VCAT in Southeast Michigan Hosts Military Appreciation Weekend

Dr. Eric Fretz, Chair of VCAT9, explains the VA’s national effort to engage local communities in every state with veterans.  This program is known as CVEB – Community Veteran Engagement Board. Here is a link to a VA map that will allow you to find your state’s CVEB / VCAT organization.

Eric and the VCAT9 volunteers are honored to have the support of USA Hockey Arena through the years. The special events that are planned for each of the 3 days are highlighted by the hockey tournament, recognition of veterans and military personnel, family fun (magician and entertainment), and food and fellowship with veterans, active duty military and supporting agencies and organizations offering resources to the military.

Veterans Radio is a sponsor and we invite you to say a few words for our Sunday 5pm ET broadcast!

Advance Registration Appreciated

You can register for the USA Hockey Military Appreciation Weekend by clicking here. The schedule is as follows:

Friday, March 18 – 5:30-9:00pm
Saturday, March 19 – 5:30-9:00pm
Sunday, March 20 – 3:00-6:00pm

Honor the Military and Be a SPONSOR

Would you like to be a sponsor at the event? Contact Denise Ronayne, USA Hockey Areana Director of Sales and Marketing, at 734-453-6400 x 333.

D Day Remembered Stories Don Milne

Pancakes for Roger

In Pancakes for Roger: A Mentorship Guide to Slaying Dragons — a series of quick, straightforward snapshots delivered with no fluff and a whole lot of heart — Susan L. Combs offers lessons from her father, Roger, and others so that you can lean on them, too, as you set out to slay your own dragons. Here’s a little more info from

One morning, as I came downstairs, he was setting the kitchen table for himself and I looked at him rather quizzically and asked what he was doing. He looked at me and said, “I want pancakes for breakfast.” I smiled at him as my heart broke inside.

Such a simple request was by this time impossible for my dad. Ten years prior, my father was diagnosed with Agent Orange-related throat cancer, from exposure during his service as a combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He’d beaten that cancer and enjoyed a relatively good ten years, but he relapsed twice, and his final treatments required him to have a feeding tube.

He was unable to eat solid foods – and my dad loved food – but he never complained. He knew the journey he was on. So his desire for pancakes became a rallying point for me and #PancakesForRoger became my way to honor his greatness. I share this story as often as I can to help remind myself and others to enjoy the simple things in life because you never know when they could be taken away.

So every February, to show support to many veterans who will come to be in my father’s shoes, I issue a challenge for the month to have some “Pancakes for Roger.”

BILL-NELSON NVBDC Advisory Board Member
National Veterans Business Development Council

Bill Nelson, NVBDC Advisory Board Member

Mr. Nelson is a Vietnam combat veteran, having served with the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division. Bill Nelson is the chairman and CEO of Eleven Bravo Enterprises, and was the chairman and CEO for HBO.

The NVBDC is the nation’s leading third party authority for certification of veteran owned businesses of all sizes and the corporations wanting to engage them. It’s founding members are:

  • Kellogg’s
  • General Motors
  • Veterans Support Foundation
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co

To Date, NVBDC has the support of over 110 corporations of all sizes helping NVBDC Certified Veteran Businesses with access and opportunities to become a part of their supply chain.

NVBDC Certified Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs) are gaining the advantage with new markets and new opportunities that will open a massive new range of potential business through our NVBDC Corporate Members.

For more information:

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