This week on Veterans Radio: Sandy Hudson, Executive Director/CEO of the Wins For Warriors Foundation,  Brigadier General Allison Hickey USAF (ret).

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Wins for Warriors Foundation advocates for and invests in resources that engage veterans and their families to live a resilient life.
In August 2013, Detroit Tigers All-Star pitcher Justin Verlander announced a commitment of $1 million to launch Wins for Warriors. Wins for Warriors united with other philanthropic leaders in April 2014 when the organization participated in the launch of the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative Impact Pledge.

“I launched Wins for Warriors with a mission to empower those returning from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan who stand ready to continue to serve on behalf of all of us. By supporting their well-being and overall behavioral health, we can impact not just their lives but the lives of their family and work to build a healthier community for all.” Justin Verlander.”

And…Retired Brig. Gen. Allison A. Hickey was part of the first class of female cadets to graduate from the Air Force Academy in 1980, and rose through ranks to become a brigadier general during her 27-year military career. She worked for several years in private-sector technology and customer service work before returning to federal service with the VA in 2011.

In October 2015 Allison Hickey, the Veterans Affairs Department’s top benefits official and arguably the most polarizing figure in the VA leadership ranks in recent years, stepped down from her post amid praise from her colleagues and renewed attacks from her critics. As under secretary for benefits, Hickey oversaw more than 20,000 VA employees and the delivery of benefits to more than 12 million veterans and their families. She was one of the last holdovers from former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s tenure, frequently praised by top officials for her efforts to modernize the department and her dedication to veterans.

“She has been an exceptional colleague and an even better friend to me,” VA Secretary Bob McDonald said in a statement. “Her commitment to excellence and service to our country is unquestioned.”

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