Signing Day Event for Young Enlistees and Field BUtchery and Ethical Foraging for Survival and “FOR THE Heroes”

Our guests:

Dr. Ken Hartman, Former Army Officer, Founder of Our Community Salutes
Ben Kesling, Marine Iraq, Author, Wall Street Journalist
Jason M Jones, Music Artist

Signing Day + Foraging for Survival + "For The Heroes" - January 8, 2023

Hosted by Jim Fausone

Our Community Salutes

Our Community Salutes Was Founded in 2009

Our Community Salutes was started in 2009 by Dr. Ken Hartman to acknowledge high school kids that were enlisting in the military and support that family decision.

This grassroots effort coordinated by OCS holds events around the country to give the enlistees their own “signing day.” It can be as simple as a presentation and pizza or an elaborate affair with speakers.

OCS has grown over the years to offer a variety of support materials for these local programs.

Visit to learn more about this organization. 

Ben Kessling WSJ Foraging and Ethics

Field Butchery Skills and Ethical Foraging for Survival of Troops

Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Kesling talks about a program started in 2014 to teach cooks field butchery skills and ethical foraging.  What happens when the supply lines do not exist for hot meals, MREs don’t cut it and the troops need to live off the land?

Kesling looked into the reasons for the courses taught and the ethics of field butchery and ethical living off the land with host Jim Fausone.

You can follow Ben on the WSJ website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

“For The Heroes” Honors Veterans and First Responders

Musician Jason M. Jones who wrote “For The Heroes” talks with host Jim Fausone about National Veterans Business Deveopment Council (NVBDC) and his song honoring veterans and first responders.  NVBDC aired the song at one of its national programs and it was so well received NVBDC is sharing it with the Veterans Radio audience.

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