Military Analyst Rebecca Grant and Veteran Counselor Melissa Engle

Hosted by Bob Gould

Military Facts, Advanced Technology, National Security

Dr Rebecca GrantDr. Rebecca Grant is a national security analyst based in Washington, DC.  She earned her PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics at age 25 then worked for RAND and on the staff of the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

Since founding IRIS Independent Research, she has specialized in research for government and aerospace industry clients ranging from analysis of military campaigns to projects on major technology acqusition such as the B-21 bomber.

Dr. Grant has written over 100 articles for Air Force Magazine and appears regularly on the Smithsonian Channel, Fox News, CNN,  Veterans Radio and other media outlets talking about airpower and national security. She has flown with the United States Air Force in the T-38, E-3 AWACS, B-52, F-16 Aggressors, F-15 in Exercise Cope North and in the B-2 Spirit bomber.

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Melissa Engle, MA LPC

PTSD VA.GOVMelissa Engle is a licensed professional counselor working in Michigan with Veterans since 1998. She is currently completing her PhD at Oakland University pursuing research on veterans and post traumatic growth. She has worked for the VA for over 6 years as a Counselor, currently at the Ann Arbor, Michigan facility, and has extensive experience and expertise working with veterans with PTSD and related trauma disorders.

In 2018, she started Tribe Talks with USMC veteran SSgt. Shaun Durfey after identifying a need for growth-oriented resiliency services in the veteran community. Tribe Talks is a retreat-based program that focuses on processing and overcoming trauma by developing improved coping skills, engaging in treatment and learning more about the freedom to choose.

In addition to her responsibilities at the VA, Melissa  is involved on college campuses in the VetSuccess on Campus and the Department of Veterans Affairs-Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment.

Click here to reach the VA website for  PTSD apps, videos and more

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