October 2022 Veterans Helping Veterans

This week’s program theme is Veterans Helping VeteransOrganizations founded by veterans for veterans.

Guests include:

William Crewe and Mike Patrick from Central Coast Veterans Helping Veterans Central Coast Veterans Helping Veterans – Home (ccvhv.org)

Josh Flath Founder of 4the 22. 4the22 – Bringing Balance to Life

Neil Loidolt, President and CEO of Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans   MACV’s Mission is to End Veteran Homelessness in Minnesota (mac-v.org)

Justin Corry, Corry Construction and Help for the Homefront

MACV Minnesota

MAC-V Helping Homeless in Minnesota

MACV serves Minnesota Veterans who are either homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless and their families. They welcome all Veterans, wherever you are on your path, and we uphold the worth and dignity of all those who are involved with MACV.

Their goal is to help you live as independently as you can by providing the services that you’ve earned. They offer services across Minnesota which include housing help, employment services, and legal assistance through our Vetlaw program. We also connect Veterans to our networks of local partner organizations who also help Veterans.

MACV’s Mission is to End Veteran Homelessness in Minnesota (mac-v.org)


4the22 Solutions for Veterans

4the22 strives to help veterans and first responders find balance and purpose through the therapeutic activities of standup paddling, surfing, and exercise. They cultivate community and camaraderie through all of their activities, to help veterans transition smoothly into civilian life and to allow both veterans and first responders to to look beyond their challenges and achieve their full potential.

4THE22 is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, that works to not only raise awareness of veteran and first responder suicide rates, but more importantly to provide solutions.

4the22 – Bringing Balance to Life

Central Coast Veterans Helping Veterans

Central Coast Veterans Helping Veterans

Central Coast Veterans Helping Veterans (CCVHV) is organized to assist the estimated 45,000 veterans residing in San Luis Obispo County, Northern Santa Barbara and Southern Monterey Counties. Many of these veterans have encountered a variety of problems in transitioning from military service to a fully productive life as civilians.

Central Coast Veterans Helping Veterans – Home (ccvhv.org)

Operation Help for the Homefront

Help for the Homefront

Justin Corry is a former Marine Corporal, now a builder/remodeler in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Justin was a student in Dale Throneberry’s communications class years ago. Here is his ask for support of a project he is currently working on.

I was recently nominated as Vice Chairman of the Remodelers Council in the area and was tasked with service project coordination. Being a vet myself, I concentrated my focus on vets, and started Operation Help for the Homefront.

For our first project, I’ve got a client who has lost a leg and all of his fingers due to complications from diabetes due to agent orange exposure in Vietnam. We’re building him an accessible bathroom, that we’ve been lucky enough to accomplish for a little over 10k, and I’ve been able to scrape the funds together locally for that, but him and his wife are in need of a few additional updates to their home. I’m making an attempt at remodeling their kitchen, which was left in shambles by a previous contractor who walked on the job, never to return for finish. Im also trying to resurface their deck, as this is the only place the client has to sit outdoors in his wheelchair in the summer, and it’s become pretty well deteriorated. All that being said, he lives in a mobile home, so the VA has no programs or grants able to contribute to the project.

We’re looking to secure about $18k for the projects that remain. All of our labor and many materials are being donated to the program by local companies and vendors. We hope to make this an ongoing thing in which we can help many vets.

For more info and to support this project