July 31, 2022

This is our monthly veterans benefits program.

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Jim Fausone hosts this month’s VA Benefits program hour with the following guests:

  • Randy Walker, Air Force MP, Director of Wayne County VA in Michigan
  • Brig Gen Carol Ann Fausone (ret) – Legal Help for Veterans

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Randy Walker Wayne County VA Dir

Randy Walker, Newly Appointed Director of VA Services for Wayne County, MI

Wayne County VA Director, Randy Walker (AirForce MP) and host Jim Fausone to talk about his military and civil career that led to this appointment. They also covered the services offered by all county offices in the US.

Carol Ann Fausone Brig Gen

Brig. Gen. Carol Ann Fausone (ret), Legal Help for Veterans

The second half of the program covers “special adaptive housing” and the PFAS that languished in Congress over budget, and congressional offices that can help expedite veteran appeals that have stalled out.

Legal Help for Veterans has published an eBook section on their website that addresses these topics and more. https://www.legalhelpforveterans.com/ebooks/

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