USCG, Bush Institute Leadership Program, LeJeune Justice Act

This week’s one hour radio broadcast includes host Jim Fausone and his guests:

  •    Caroline Walsh – USCG Service Story “Fairly Smooth Operator”
  •    Matt Amidon- Details the 2023 Veteran Leadership Program offered at the George W. Bush Institute
  •    Mike Cox – Former Michigan Attorney General and Marine, Camp LeJeune Justice Act
Caroline Walsh

Caroline Walsh – US Coast Guard and CIA and Author

Caroline Walsh enlisted in the USCG and experienced good duty and bad.  She became an intel analysit for the USCG and then for the CIA.  Having now moved on to a PhD progam in leadership she has written a book “Fairly Smooth Operator” reflecting on that service.  She candidly discusses the sexual harassment and poor leadership in the USCG and offers some changes that could be implemented.  Caroline talks to Jim Fausone about the good , the bad and the ugly aspects of service for a young college-educated, athletic woman.

Caroline’s book “Fairly Smooth Operator” can be purchased on Amazon.

Matthew Amidon

2023 George W. Bush Veteran Leadership Program

The George W. Bush Institute’s Veteran Leadership Program is discussed by Matt Amidon with host Jim Fausone.

This free executive leadership program brings together 50 scholars each year creating a network of civilian and military leaders.

The 2023 application window is open until January 18, 2023.  See

Mike Cox Attorney

Attorney Mike Cox on Camp LeJeune Justice Act and Military Service

Former Marine and State of Michigan Attorney General, Mike Cox talks about the Camp LeJeune Justice Act; that claims against the government must be filed by August 2024; how it won’t reduce your VA disability claim, how it allows family members to make a claim and much more.

Attorney Cox also discusses his family’s service in the Army, Marines and Navy with host Jim Fausone.

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