June 12, 2022

Our guests:

  • Lt. Col. John Faunce, Army
  • Sr. Master Sgt. Kathleen Anderson, US Air Force
John Faunce NATO West Point

Lt. Col. John Faunce

Lt. Col. John Faunce (ret) US Army talks about West Point, his military career and last assignment at NATO where he assisted in exercising and training special operation forces in Ukraine.

Kat Anderson Air Force Political Insider Columnist

Sr. Master Sgt. Kat Anderson

Today Sr. Master Sgt Kat Anderson USAF (ret)  is an opinion writer for Political Insider and wrote about how the green military is nonsense, but in her career she was in Afghanistan accounting for boat loads of dollars being distributed to buy “good will”.

Kathleen Anderson served over 20 years in the U.S. Air Force. At the end of 2021, she retired as a Sr. Master Sergeant and is now enjoying her second career as a political commentator/writer for ThePoliticalInsider.com.

Kathleen graduated from George Washington University with a Graduate Degree in Political Management and attended the Veterans Program for Politics and Civic Engagement through Syracuse University.

She talks to host Jim Fausone about President Biden’s declaration to make every vehicle and piece of equipment in the military green. She also recently wrote on topics such as the 2021 NDAA’s tackling of military sexual harassment, and the recent court-martialing of a major general, asking if it signals a change at the highest levels of leadership.

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