Lt. Commander Will Bowden, USCG (ret), and Lt. Col. Tracy Farrell, US Army (ret)

Hosted by Jim Fausone

Lt. Commander Will Bowden, USCG (ret), talks about his time in the Coast Guard, law enforcement, pharmaceutical industry and then his pivot to the cannabis industry. He grew up in Santa Cruz, California and has lived in Naples, Florida and Wilmington, Delaware. He has seen the world with the Coast Guard and obtained an MBA, but is no farmer by upbringing. Grasshopper Farms has outdoor grow locations in Michigan, Colorado, and New Jersey. He ties all this together when talking to host Jim Fausone.
The Wounded Warrior Project’s VP of Program Operations and Partnerships, Lt. Col. Tracy Farrell, US Army (ret) talks about her service, Wounded Warrior Project, and the recent  “Women Warriors Report.” Farrell discusses the data collection from 5,000 women warriors, the key findings and recommendations. She also talks with host JimFausone about whether women warriors would join up again.

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