January 9, 2022

This week’s one hour radio broadcast includes host Jim Fausone and his guests:

  • Brig. Gen. Joseph Medina (ret), US Marine Corps
  • Troy Broussard, senior advisor to AARP’s Veterans and Military Families Initiative
Battlefield to Business Joseph Medina

Ethical Leadership

How can you improve your leadership skills?

What ethical dilemmas will you face as a manager, and how do you confront them?

What can you do to become a leader your people will respect and trust to lead them in a crisis?

These are questions that so many business leaders ask themselves today. And they’re the very same questions that Brig. General Joseph Medina (Ret.) faced during his time in the United States Marine Corps and the business world. 

General Medina returns to Veterans Radio to share with us his unique insight into the leadership style of a decorated Marine and business leader. 

Troy Broussard AARP

AARP Fraud Watch Alert for Vets

Veterans, active-duty service members and their families are nearly 40% more likely to lose money to scams and fraud than the civilian population, according to a new AARP report. AARP surveyed the military community to learn about fake charities, bogus medical equipment claims, fraudulent records scams, and identity theft.

Troy Broussard, a senior advisor to AARP’s Veterans and Military Families Initiative, speaks with host Jim Fausone on things to watch out for and ways to protect yourself.

Below are several relevant links and resources.

  • AARP’s Fraud Watch Network offers biweekly fraud alerts and a free helpline (877-908-3360) through which veterans, military and the public can report suspected scams.
  • The AARP Watchdog Alert Handbook: Veterans’ Edition explains 10 ways that con artists target veterans.
  • For more information and resources for veterans on the latest fraud and scams, visit aarp.org/veterans.

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