Children of the Fallen Foundation

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

Children of Fallen Patriots just celebrated its 20th anniversary and over that time has supported over 3000 children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. We honor the fallen by supporting their children and give them a bright future. VA programs pay out some benefits, but we have determined that on average each child has a gap of $25k, which we fill. We help them get all the VA funding they are entitled to, other private funding, and then fund the rest. We have provided almost $70 million in scholarships.

Jeanette McMahon | Development Officer
Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired
Widow of LTC Mike McMahon
Mom of 3 Scholarship Recipients

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Cornerstone Consulting

Bill Currence, Cornerstone Consulting, a CERTIFIED Veteran Owned Business 

Currence is an Army Veteran who is passionate about OpEx, FIT and CCO’s impact on our customer’s sustainability in business and their communities. He is the founder of CCO and has more than 25 years of leadership experience in executive, sales, manufacturing, financial, supply-chain and engineering roles across several industries spanning five continents.

Bill is also a champion for National Veterans Business Development Council. NVBDC certifies veteran owned businesses (VOB). NVBDC  certification enables VOBs to bid on government and corporate projects that require this certification. This is an $80 billion dollar market.

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Operation Song _Lifelines

Operation Song – “Lifelines” 

Bringing Them Back 1 Song at a Time

Operation Song® empowers veterans, active-duty military members, first responders and their families to tell their stories through the process of songwriting. This month we are featuring a song written at the February 2023 Warriors Heart Retreat.

Kristian Lorusso, Former NYC Police Officer

Kris was hired by NYPD in 1998 in the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn during the gang drug war. He saw a lot of violent crime towards every type of person. Kristian realized at the age of 23 that life is precious and short lived.

Kristian’s second career will be as a crisis counselor – “a calling to make sure no police officer will ever not ask for help when he/she needs counseling or therapy for the calls that will haunt them down the road. Mental health is so important. Being the tough guy is an antiquated mind set.”

Kris knows there is a stigma to seeking mental health counseling. His solution is to require police officers to receive mandatory counseling following traumatic experiences. This will  be a good first step toward eliminating the “suck it up” attitude that puts the officer at risk of needing “Lifelines” of their own.

"Lifelines" Lyrics and Song (mp3)

NYC Police Officer (ret) – Kristian Lorusso

Songwriter – Tom McElvain –

Listen to “Lifelines” (mp3)


Verse 1
The face in the mirror
Ain’t the one walking out that door
Where wolves are waiting and hungry for some more

Verse 2
And 12 souls will judge me
If I make a mistake
But if a fail
six will carry me away

It’s like throwing a lifelines
Into the sun
Some souls are lost
And some are won
And when it gets to be too much
And I just wanna run
And I’m needing a lifeline
Of my own
Would you be one

Verse 3
I’ve seen the last minutes
Of way too many lives
Nightmares and questions
Keep me up late most every night

Verse 4
Laughter all around
filling up a happy home
But it’s hard to fake a smile
When you know
It’s time to go


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