Once A Warrior-Always A Warrior


Our guest this week on Veterans Radio is Dr. Charles Hoge, MD, Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired), a nationally-known expert on PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) and other physiological reactions to war, as well as treatment strategies for war-related conditions. Dr. Hoge’s expertise spans psychiatry, trauma, public health, health policy, and infectious diseases. His articles in The New England Journal of Medicine and The Journal of the American Medical Association are the most frequently cited medical articles about the impact of the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From 2002 through 2009, Dr. Hoge directed the top U.S. research program at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research on the psychological and neurological consequences of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He served as an attending psychiatrist at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, providing treatment to warriors and family members. He deployed to Iraq in 2004 and traveled throughout the country to improve combat stress care in the field. Now retired from military service, he continues working with service members, veterans, and family members (including deployment to Afghanistan as a civilian in 2011), and continues to be a passionate advocate for reducing the stigma of mental health care.

Once a Warrior—Always a Warrior is for anyone who has ever returned from a war zone (current service members, veterans, government workers, contractors), and describes how to successfully navigate the transition from the war zone — no matter how many days, months, or years have passed. The warrior’s spouse, partner, and family members, as well as coworkers and health care providers will be enriched by reading this book.

“There’s combat, then there’s the rest of your life. We need survival skills for each battle zone. This is the guide to surviving the war back here. We all need it. A hell of a book. The lucky get it.” Max Cleland, former U.S. Senator from Georgia, former Administrator of the Veterans Administration, decorated wounded combat veteran of the Vietnam War 

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