Flying Flak Alley
Personal Accounts of World War II Bomber Crew Combat

Flak Alley cover

“Air warfare was a decisive component of World War II, especially in western Europe and over Japan, where Allied bombers damaged 66 of the country’s largest cities. The guts and glory of the bomber crews came, however, with a high casualty rate which had only improved marginally by the war’s end. Descriptions of the bombers’ harrowing missions told from the firsthand perspective of their pilots, navigators, bombardiers and gunners create the immediacy of a single person’s experience during one of America’s most daring military expeditions. A short biography of each veteran accompanies these tales of typical and not-so-typical missions.”

For this week’s Veterans Radio we go back to our roots…telling the stories of Veterans. Join host, Bob Gould, and his guest Alan L. Griggs, author of “Flying Flak Alley.”

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