Veterans Benefits – 2022

Our guests:

  • David Corlew, The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project
  • Keith King, National Veterans Business Development Council (NVBDC)
  • Brig Gen Carol Ann Fausone (ret) – Legal Help for Veterans

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Journey Home Project - NVBDC - Veterans Benefits

Hosted by Dale Throneberry and Jim Fausone

Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project

Journey Home Project with David Corlew

The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project (TCDJHP) is a not-for profit organization that assists other not-for-profits in securing funds to help causes that benefit veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

The organization was co-founded in 2014 by the late country music legend Charlie Daniels and his manager, David Corlew. Board members include Corlew, Major General Terry “Max” Haston (retired) and most recently  in 2020, Hazel Daniels. Conscious of the need to assist our nation’s veterans, TCDJHP partners with organizations that do the most good, with the least overhead.

Working in tandem with these organizations, TCDJHP is making a difference in the lives of American patriots.

The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Website

National Veterans Business Development Council

National Veteran Business Development Council – SBA Update

NVBDC has the support of over 110 corporations of all sizes helping NVBDC Certified Veteran Businesses with access and opportunities to become a part of their supply chain.

Tier 1 Suppliers are being evaluated and held accountable to capture and report their veteran spend as part of the process.

NVBDC Certified Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs) are gaining the advantage with new markets and new opportunities that will open a massive new range of potential business through our NVBDC Corporate Members.

NVBDC Website

LHFV Spouse Benefits of Disabled Veterans

Applying for VA Spousal Benefits

From the Legal Help for Veterans website –

For some reason, the trend we are seeing is in veterans with long-standing disability ratings above 30% that are not adding their spouse or dependents and are missing out on a monthly benefits increase. Now, why is this?

This is essentially an oversight on the veteran’s part. Maybe the rating was issued pre-marriage or in-between marriages. Or maybe the veteran never mentioned it to the service officer.

Naturally, VA requires a specific form to be filled out to add a spouse or any dependent. VA Form 21-686C explains the necessary proof to verify a “marriage by ceremony” or “common law marriage” or even a “tribal ceremony”. The process to establish a same-sex or transgender marriage is no different from the process for opposite-sex marriages.

Tips When Applying for Benefits

It is sad to hear a veteran has died and never put their spouse on their VA disability payments. Often after their death, a spouse finds out what they have missed for all those years and it can be very difficult. This actually happened recently with a new client and it was absolutely heartbreaking. Veterans and spouses need to know there is no retroactive effect for this situation. So here are a few suggestions:

  1. DO NOT assume that a spouse has been automatically listed. Check and confirm it.
  2. DO NOT assume the service officer or attorney that assisted you knew you were married and submitted the necessary paperwork. Remember, they don’t know unless you tell them.
  3. DO NOT assume it was automatic since your rating increased at or above 30%. This benefit is easy to fill out and provide proof of the marriage.
  4. Once finished, VA will review and make a determination. If approved, they will increase the monthly benefits.

If we can be of any assistance with filing a new VA Disability Claim, Increasing a Disability Rating, or just making sure you are getting all your benefits – including adding your spouse – please call Legal Help For Veterans, PLC at (800) 693-4800.

Legal Help for Veterans Article 

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