April 9, 2023

Host Jim Fausone and guests:

  • Fr. John Kaul – Navy Captain, 26 years
  • Rev. Dale White – Navy Captain, Combat Action Ribbon, Bronze Star
  • Beyond Belief: True Stories of Military Chaplains
Beyond Belief - 03-Chaplains

Beyond Belief: True Stories of Military Chaplains

“Beyond Belief” is a unique compilation of short stories by a team of authors and researchers.

Herein you will find some of the most amazing stories ever told, each of them presented in an historically factual manner without hyperbole or literary license. Even more amazing is the fact that each of these stories is TRUE! The scene illustrated on the cover was chosen as a fitting example of what kind of stories we wanted to write for this book, and is a vivid and historically accurate depiction of a World War II event that in which four Army chaplains, each from different faiths, bonded based on what they had in common, to become close friends. The four gave their lives in the North Atlantic when their troop ship was sunk, going so far as to give their lifejackets to other men who had none. They became enshrined as “The Four Immortal Chaplains,” whose story is inspiring for decades.

Within these pages you will find other stories of heroic Men of God who did unbelievable acts of courage and compassion.

These are the stories that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief, proving as one author once wrote, “Truth is not only stranger than fiction, but far more interesting.”

To purchase this book: amazon.com

Dale-C-White-Methodist Bronze Star

Navy Captain Dale White (ret) – Combat Action Ribbon and Bronze Star Recipient

Reverend White’s approach to being a chaplain was a missionary who brings the church’s perspective and assurances of God’s grace to military personnel. “We have a unique way of presenting God to an audience of 18-to-22-year-olds,” he said. “We bring them God, many of them for the first time.” He did not expect the troops to come to him but for him to bring God to them.

Listen to his interview with Jim.

Thank you Rev. White for your service in the military and your continued service with your church!

You can find more information on Home of Heroes website


Fr John L Kaul Catholic Chaplain Navy 26 yrs

Captain John L. Kaul (ret) – Navy Man for 26 Years

Captain John L. Kaul (ret) served as a full time Catholic chaplain in the Navy for 26 years. He spent time with the Marines, Admirals and other chaplains of all faiths. Fr. Kaul was born in Wyandotte and attended Sacred Heart Seminary, Detroit, and St. John’s Provincial Seminary, Plymouth Township. He also attended Mercy College in Detroit.

He was ordained May 24, 1975, at St. Joseph Church in Wyandotte. After 7 years of parish ministry, he was allowed to join the Navy full time. Twice he was stationed as a chaplain at Camp Le Jeune, N.C. Upon retirement he worked for the Archdiocese for the Military Services, Fr. Kaul has worked to facilitate contracts and faculties for priests serving the military on a non-active-duty basis, and a short time as vocations director.

Fr. Kaul has earned several honors and recognitions for his service, including the Meritorious Service Medal twice, Navy Commendation Medal four times, Overseas Deployment Ribbon four times and the Joint Service Achievement Medal.

He talks about his career and the needs of chaplains with host Jim Fausone.

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