Stories of Service from WWII and OEF/OIF

Our radio broadcast with host Dale Throneberry has three guests.

  • Don Milne, Stories Behind the Stars of WWII
  • Alexis Casiday, publishing stories from OEF/OIF veterans
  • Keith King, Founder and CEO, National Veterans Business Development Council, aka NVBDC
D Day Remembered Stories Don Milne

Don Milne and Stories Behind the Stars of WWII

We are doing something historic that has never been done before – we find volunteers to write short stories of the US World War II fallen. These stories will be available via a free smartphone app at any gravesite or memorial. Going forward, visiting any WWII fallen gravesite will come with a story and a photo.

Stories Behind the Stars has only been around since 2020. It already involves more than 1,300 people from all 50 states and more than a dozen other countries. Our mission is to tell the stories of all 400,000+ US World War II fallen. So far we have completed more than 10,000 stories,  including every fallen story from one state (2,100 from Utah) and every story about all 2,502 Americans who died in Normandy on D-Day . Our volunteers are now working on completing the stories of all 2,335 Pearl Harbor fallen by this December 7.

Stories Behind the Stars has been in the news  nationwide nearly 100 times – TV, newspapers, podcasts, magazines, etc. I was interviewed by Fox News host Martha MacCallum. Senator Mitt Romney did a Memorial Day op-ed about this project for The Hill that was picked up by MSN.

Volunteer Opportunity

To complete all 400,000+ stories by September 2, 2025, the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II, we are going to need about 2,000 volunteers writing an average of one story a week. Don and his team will provide all training and access to research websites for no cost.

Your Call is Important to Us

Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom Stories of Service

Lexi Casiday is a Navy veteran and jiu jitsu athlete. She joined the Navy on July 7, 2004 and was stationed at Camp Pendleton as a Religious Program Specialist supporting Headquarters and Support Battalion. Lexi’s brother was stationed across the base at Camp Horno, with 3/1. Lexi has overcome drug addiction/alcoholism, homelessness, and PTS from domestic violence and Military Sexual Trauma. She is working on a master’s program for Organizational Leadership. Her Brazilian jiu jitsu training is at Combat Base McKinney, TX, under Professor Alan Shebaro, 4th Degree Black Belt under Professor Chris Haueter.

Lexi’s current passion is to publish a book of OEF/OIF veteran’s artwork and creative writing.

A Message from Lexi

We are looking for Veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom who have poems, journal entries, artwork, short stories, etc. from their time in service, deployed, or stateside to create a coffee table-style book. We want veterans to have the opportunity to tell their stories through the creative mediums of their choice.

The stories/essays/memoirs can range from funny to serious to heartbreaking. One soldier’s voice may help others to find theirs and have the opportunity to heal.

Submission deadline is April 01, 2022. Get in touch with Lexi through her website.

All proceeds will go to WeDefy Foundation to help combat disabled veterans heal through jiu jitsu.

National Veteran Business Development Council

National Veterans Business Development Council

The NVBDC is the nation’s leading third party authority for certification of veteran owned businesses of all sizes and the corporations wanting to engage them.

To Date, NVBDC has the support of over 110 corporations of all sizes helping NVBDC Certified Veteran Businesses with access and opportunities to become a part of their supply chain.

Tier 1 Suppliers are being evaluated and held accountable to capture and report their veteran spend as part of the process.

NVBDC Certified Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs) are gaining the advantage with new markets and new opportunities that will open a massive new range of potential business through our NVBDC Corporate Members.

For more information:

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