Man's Best Friend and Special Ops - January 2019

Host Dale Throneberry

Man’s Best Friend

RescueRESCUE is the remarkable and heartfelt story of a war veteran, Captain Dirck Hansen, who lives in his confined world of PTSD but an extraordinary service dog, Chauncey, transforms him heart and soul. But one day, his dog vanishes, forging a two-year harrowing odyssey that both man and dog must endure. Hope grows from despair in this gripping but charming story of a man and his beloved dog. RESCUE illustrates the resiliency and imagination of dogs, the remarkable bond they have with the disabled, and ultimately, the greatness that all dogs bring to our lives.

Christopher Dant is a professional writer and studied fiction at Stanford University’s Creative Writing Program. In 2001, he published a collection of short stories, Appalachian Waltz, and has taught creative writing at Dartmouth College and Green Mountain Academy. He lives in Vermont with his wife Maureen and Golden Retriever. This is his first novel.

The Making of a Night Stalker

Making A Night Stalker Cover

David Burnett takes readers into a unique world of the 160th Special Operations Aviation regiment. His journey starts in a conventional Army unit where he doesn’t feel fulfilled in his duties and obligations. This lack of responsibility drives David to pursue the dream of becoming an MH-47G Chinook helicopter crew chief in the most secretive and elite aviation unit in the world.

David Burnett was born and raised in Parker, Colorado. After a few semesters of college he decided it wasn’t for him and he enlisted in the Army in 2008. He was stationed with 563rd ASB as a 15U (Chinook Helicopter repairer). After realizing his job in the regular Army wasn’t as fulfilling as he had hoped, he applied for 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment SOAR. After making it through the unit’s five week selection process he began his journey as a Special Operations crew chief. He went through countless years of training and deployed with the unit five times before deciding he wasn’t going to reenlist. He put pen to paper after receiving an honorable discharge from the unit and began writing. This is his story.

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