August 15, 2021

Host Dale Throneberry and guests:

  • Doug and Pam Sterner, author
  • Dwight Jon Zimmerman, author
  • Jim Furlong, author
  • Colin Kimball, author
  • Adam Ballard, author

"Beyond Belief: True Stories of US Navy Heroes"

Host Dale Throneberry

Beyond Belief: True Stories of US Navy Heroes

“Beyond Belief” is a unique compilation of short stories by a team of authors and researchers.

Herein you will find some of the most amazing stories ever told, each of them presented in an historically factual manner without hyperbole or literary license. Even more amazing is the fact that each of these stories is TRUE!

The scene illustrated on the cover was chosen as a fitting example of what kind of stories we wanted to write for this book, and is a vivid and historically accurate depiction of a World War II event that in which a Navy Corps on a submarine during a War Patrol, undertook an emergency appendectomy on a sailor, without benefit of medical tools or an operating room, to save his life.

In these pages you will find thoroughly researched stories. These are the stories that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief, proving as one author once wrote, “Truth is not only stranger than fiction, but far more interesting.”

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The Authors of Beyond Belief

Dwight Jon Zimmerman is an award-winning #1 New York Timesbestselling author. In a career spanning more than forty years in the publishing industry he has written everything from comic books (for Marvel Comics and DC Comics) to hundreds of military history articles and more than two dozen books. His book FIRST COMMAND, about the first commands of famous generals, was an award-winning documentary aired on the Military Channel. He co-authored UNCOMMON VALOR The Medal of Honor and the Warriors Who Earned it in Afghanistan and Iraqwhich won the Military Writer Society’s Founder’s Award, the organization’s highest honor, and was the first book to contain the complete history of the Medal of Honor. A former president of the Military Writers Society of America, he lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Jim Furlong is a disabled Vietnam combat veteran who earned the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism. After the war, he returned to the University of Denver where he received his Masters Degree in Economics. Working in the private sector for a major computer company, he was a sales manager selling services into highly classified Government agencies. Now retired, Jim often gives talks at schools and civic organizations and focuses on those who will always being 21 in our hearts and minds. He often says “they’re not here to tell their own story, so I tell it.”  His writing is an extension of that philosophy.

Doug Sterner is a decorated former Army Combat Engineer who served two tours of duty in Vietnam. He is a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and in 2012 was enrolled as an Honorary Life Member of the Legion of Valor. Pam Sterner, while a student at CSU-Pueblo, authored “The Stolen Valor Act” which she and Doug shepherded through Congress, as well as hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court in what became a landmark 2012 First Amendment decision. Together they have published over 10 books.

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