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National POW-MIA Week (September 14-20) provides a unique opportunity to remind America about the service of our veteran wives and warriors and reveal the story behind this ubiquitous flag. Today, the POW-MIA flag flies over state capitols and federal buildings, and it can be found on military bases and war memorials across the county. Almost everyone recognizes it, yet most people have no idea the flag represents one of the most important women’s movements in American history. Further, hardly anyone realizes that the extraordinary women who founded this movement in 1968 were married to three of America’s greatest POW leaders: Medal of Honor recipient Admiral Jim Stockdale, U.S. Senator Jeremiah Denton (R-AL), and Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) – all were part of the most elite group of POWs in U.S. history, a group “kicked out” of the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” POW camp for their subversive leadership.

Our guest is former POW, Rear Admiral Robert H. Schumaker. He was the second POW shot down over North Vietnam and one of the originators of the famous “tap code”. He was a POW from 11 February 1965-12 February 1973. AND…

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The mission for The Vietnam Veterans for Factual History is to provide facts from professional historians, eyewitnesses, and participants in the Vietnam War to correct the historical record of the War wherever that correction is warranted. As veterans, many of whom who served in the conflict and have remained very conscious of its history, they have become concerned that the 1978 prediction of  author Guenter Lewy has proven to be all too accurate. 35 years ago he wrote “Mythology, half-truth and falsehood concerning events in Vietnam abound and, unless corrected, will enter the textbooks for the mis-education of our children.”His prediction has proven to be all too accurate, and far too much of the literature about the war has been filled with exaggerations, inaccuracies, opinions presented as facts, and sometimes simple falsehoods.