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World War I-The War To End All Wars

2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of America’s involvement in World War I. Join us as we welcome Dr. Libby O’Connell from the World War I Centennial Commission. World War I remains America’s forgotten war, even though more Americans gave their lives during World War One The Global Revolution Lawrence Sondhausthat war than during Korea and Vietnam combined, and even though it profoundly shaped the rest of “the American century.”

The Commission will use the Centennial as a timely and essential opportunity to educate the country’s citizens about the causes, courses and consequences of the war; to honor the heroism and sacrifice of those Americans who served; and to commemorate through public programs and initiatives the centennial of this global event.

World War One was the cause, catalyst, trigger and accelerator of revolutionary change on an unprecedented scale. This week on Veterans Radio we look at the causes and long term results of World War I with historian Dr. Lawrence Sondhaus, author of many books and articles about World War I. And much more.