Sell To A Veteran is a non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization based on Long Island that provides U.S Military & Veteran families with much needed services to enable them to understand and utilize their VA benefits (primarily their VA loan) in buying, selling, and/or refinancing a home.

Sell To A Veteran is comprised of real estate professionals (brokers/agents, lawyers, movers, inspectors, insurance companies, etc.) ready to provide you, the Veteran, with answers to all of the questions you have concerning buying, selling and/or refinancing a home. We will seamlessly walk you through the entire process and assist you in utilizing your VA benefits (primarily your VA loan).
Join host Dale Throneberry and the founders of Sell To A Veteran Michael Aharoni and Brian Goldman.

The Military Writers Society of America has over 1,200 members making it the world’s largest military genre writer’s organization. Member’s books are reviewed, posted and there are annual awards given. The most prestigious of all is THE FOUNDER’S AWARD given each year. Joining us on Veterans Radio this week are former president Joyce Faulkner, and Awards Director John Carthart to discuss the 2016 award winners.

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