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Those who served in the U.S. Merchant Marine have struggled for years to obtain veteran status and even today many are still fighting for recognition. But when you compare casualty rate percentages to other services in World War II, the Merchant Marine holds the highest.

The Merchant Marine played an important role and Bernard F. Flynn wanted his grandchildren and anyone who would listen to know. Flynn combined his many stories of being a mariner in World War II among other controversial topics including Kennedy’s assassination, Communism and a second chance at love, in his new book “Bargain Basement War Heroes.”

Flynn’s book emphasizes the importance of passing along stories from generation to generation. After sharing in this grandpa’s life experiences, you’ll feel inspired to learn your own grandparent’s stories.

Join us this week on Veterans Radio as we talk with Bernard Flynn’s grandson, Brian Cronin. Mr. Flynn passed away before his book was published. And…
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