This week on Veterans Radio we welcome Rev. Bill MacDonald, Jr., founder of the Military Writers Society of America and MWSA member Maureen McGill. We will be discussing the recent MWSA Conference and MacDonald’s newest book Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey and McGill’s Baby, It’s You. Don’t miss this discussion of spirituality and messages from the beyond.

A TRUE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY TOLD BY A REAL WARRIOR.  WARRIOR: A Spiritual Odyssey There are no coincidencWarrior Spiritual Odyssey Coveres. You came across this book through a connection between your hungry spirit and the writer’s desire that you be nourished. Which parts of you it will awaken will be as individual as your yearnings, but the words are guaranteed to feed your soul.

“Joyce Faulkner, award-winning author of “In the Shadow of Suribachi,” “Windshift,” and “USERNAME.” “Bill’s book is one that has superb descriptions of the life’s lessons learned from the hell of combat to an incredible, miraculous journey home to his truest self. His story is entertaining, spiritually enlightening, inspirational, and filled with guiding wisdom. It is a book that will surely bring all readers to their own Spiritual awakening.”                     


Baby its you2Baby It’s You, Messages from Deceased Heroes. This is a compelling, inspirational collection of true life messages from our heroes. These heroes have died in war, state side accidents, suicide and 9/11.  The true stories are shared by widows, family members and friends of the military. The spiritual messages open our hearts to the unending love connections that never die.



And in our continuing series of helping our vete#BeAHeroToYours Badgerans we welcome Glenn Albright, Ph.D., Kognito  co-founder and director of research. Kognito has launched their  Be a Hero to Yours campaign in honor of this coming Veterans Day to support military families of veterans and help them manage the challenge of post-deployment life. Kognito and the Rocky Mountain MIRECC encourage family members of veterans to utilize the role-play simulation Family of Heroes, an evidence-based PTSD and resilience training for military families, with the goal of reaching 1,111 family members by November 11, 2015. The                                       free simulation is designed to help educate users on how to recognize signs of distress, connect                                         with  loved ones and refer them to treatment.

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